There’s only one way to eat an elephant burger, mindfully!

The trick is to take a small positive step. This week I attended a training course on mindfulness.  Working in the behavioural science sector, I have often read about and studied our current understanding of mental health.  This has often tended to be from a scientific standpoint, reading research and findings and considering statistical analysis.  Read more about There’s only one way to eat an elephant burger, mindfully![…]

Supplier Relationship Management

Tip the balance in your favour. Did you know that also provide support and training on Supplier Relationship Management? Your suppliers have a detailed plan prescribing how they manage you and their other customers. Do you have such a plan? Striking the right relationship with your suppliers and managing the balance of power could Read more about Supplier Relationship Management[…]

A Friday thought on commitment

Don’t be dazzled by the medal and forget about the race you have to run in order to get it! Social media memes are a common feature of modern life.  They range from the amusing, to the worrying to the inspirational.  This week there were a couple that caught our attention at BITS HQ.  One Read more about A Friday thought on commitment[…]

How to win at Monopoly. But do you want to?

A question I often hear in the workplace is “So what is Sustainable Development?”.   The response I often hear is that sustainability is doing stuff in the community like school visits and supporting local charities.  While such activity is often part of a company’s sustainability plan, this is not really a definition of what to be Read more about How to win at Monopoly. But do you want to?[…]

Get fit to perform.

Consider high performance as a way of life. The derogatory term ‘fat-cat’ is often used to describe those who have attained positions of power and enjoyed the trappings of success.  However, as well as being insulting and negative, the term tends to be far from the truth.  Take a look at your social media feeds Read more about Get fit to perform.[…]

The importance of team-building.

Teams that play together, stay together.  Never underestimate the importance of team building and social events. So many leaders see team building and social events as a treat for their staff rather than an important component of improving team performance.  In actuality, providing opportunities for your team members to spend time together in a social Read more about The importance of team-building.[…]

What’s going on with eyebrows these days?

If, like me, you are little perplexed by people who prod, poke and distort their bodies rather than settle for what the Divine Potter gave them, you will have noticed that eyebrows seem to be a major area of focus these days.  Some people remove them then paint McDonald’s like arches on their foreheads, others Read more about What’s going on with eyebrows these days?[…]

Broken Windows

The broken windows theory originated in criminology.  It was based on the norm-setting and signalling effect of urban disorder and vandalism on additional crime and anti-social behaviour.  So in other words, if minor crimes are seen as being allowable, this sets a new norm.  With this baseline set, the leap to more significant crimes is not Read more about Broken Windows[…]