A Friday thought on expectation setting.

How do I know what you want if you don’t tell me? The answer is, I’ll make an assumption, and that assumption will be based on my previous experiences. Last week we looked at self-fulfilling prophecies and how your expectation of someone’s performance can subconsciously influence their performance.  https://www.bits-team.com/2017/06/22/a-friday-thought-on-self-fulfilling-prophecies/  If you expect someone to perform Read more about A Friday thought on expectation setting.[…]

A Friday thought on Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Be careful what you wish for! In Greek mythology Pygmalion wished that he might meet a woman as beautiful as his ivory statue with which he had fallen in love.  When he kissed the lips of his work of art, he felt the warmth of human contact.  His wish had been granted and he had Read more about A Friday thought on Self-fulfilling Prophecies[…]

A Friday thought on Human Factors

No one comes to work with the intention of doing a bad job.  Even the least motivated of employees will report that they would not want to be associated with poor performance.  So as leaders, it is up to us to help our team to meet or exceed their expectation.  One of the ways we Read more about A Friday thought on Human Factors[…]

The importance of team-building.

Teams that play together, stay together.  Never underestimate the importance of team building and social events. So many leaders see team building and social events as a treat for their staff rather than an important component of improving team performance.  In actuality, providing opportunities for your team members to spend time together in a social Read more about The importance of team-building.[…]

BITS Training is open for business!

You can now book yourself onto a BITS training course or host a training course at your workplace for your team.  All BITS training courses include the application of behavioural science to your work.  The science elements are presented in terms that everyone will understand, by trainers who have decades of experience in manufacturing and Read more about BITS Training is open for business![…]