A Friday thought on attitude.

Here’s a tale from life that can teach us all a little about the power of a positive attitude. At the age of 84, my grandmother, having found herself living alone after the loss of my grandfather, decided to have a foreign holiday. Helping her with her passport application, my uncle (her son) suggested that Read more about A Friday thought on attitude.[…]

There’s only one way to eat an elephant burger, mindfully!

The trick is to take a small positive step. This week I attended a training course on mindfulness.  Working in the behavioural science sector, I have often read about and studied our current understanding of mental health.  This has often tended to be from a scientific standpoint, reading research and findings and considering statistical analysis.  Read more about There’s only one way to eat an elephant burger, mindfully![…]

A Friday thought on Positive Productivity

Your maximum output is my minimum expectation! This week BITS have delivered a number of behavioural workshops to varying audiences from different backgrounds, different in terms of industry and culture.  When exposed to the science of human behaviour and positive consequence management to influence behaviour, everyone understood and accepted this science.  However, under questioning after Read more about A Friday thought on Positive Productivity[…]