Supplier Relationship Management

Tip the balance in your favour. Did you know that also provide support and training on Supplier Relationship Management? Your suppliers have a detailed plan prescribing how they manage you and their other customers. Do you have such a plan? Striking the right relationship with your suppliers and managing the balance of power could Read more about Supplier Relationship Management[…]

A Friday thought on Friday thoughts

Let’s get talking…… It is Friday again and time for another Friday thought from BITS.  Our Friday thoughts are our way of shining a little light on the important bits of business that are often overlooked.  So frequently in our working lives we get so focussed on the day-to-day requirements of the job, that we Read more about A Friday thought on Friday thoughts[…]

A Friday thought on safety leadership

One of the most powerful leadership tools available to a manager is to listen to a concern from a team member, act upon it and fix it. When looking to implement a behavioural safety program or introduce new initiatives around behavioural safety, I have often heard managers say things like, ‘this is too sophisticated for Read more about A Friday thought on safety leadership[…]

A Friday thought on the Black Box

Not only are they not a 1990’s Italian house music band, they are not even black! Air crash investigations often hang on the outcome of a review of the black box recorder.  Unlike any other industry, the air travel industry actual invest in incident investigation before any accident has occurred.  The black box device is Read more about A Friday thought on the Black Box[…]

A Friday thought on Positive Productivity

Your maximum output is my minimum expectation! This week BITS have delivered a number of behavioural workshops to varying audiences from different backgrounds, different in terms of industry and culture.  When exposed to the science of human behaviour and positive consequence management to influence behaviour, everyone understood and accepted this science.  However, under questioning after Read more about A Friday thought on Positive Productivity[…]