Happy New Year from BITS

Happy New Year from Behavioural Insights Team Solutions!!

2018 was an exciting year for BITS ltd.  We have helped people in industries from power generation to food manufacture and worked with organisations from gearbox manufacturers to children’s charities.  We have helped almost 100 companies in the construction industry to work safer and trained over 1,000 candidates in skills from decision making to safety coaching.

2019 is promising to be as interesting again.  Starting next week we will be educating people right at the start of their careers by delivering training to apprentices for the first time.

During the year, we are hoping to help companies combat modern slavery by ensuring they have processes in place to identify and eliminate exploitation in their supply chain.

We will continue our strong performance in improving health and safety standards in the workplace and expand our work in physical site inspections and providing hands on coaching directly in the workplace.

Through all this we will maintain our focus on behavioural science and its importance in improving standards in the workplace.

Good luck to you all for 2019.  I hope our paths cross and we get the chance to work together elevating standards and helping people to be the best they can be for themselves and their teams.




We combine supply chain management, with behavioural science and health and safety management.  Reducing risk and maximising performance throughout the production cycle.  We can help with prequalification of your suppliers, SSIP qualified assessors, workplace inspections, safety coaching, safety coaching training, behavioural safety training, behavioural walkdowns, safety improvement reports, CDM support, decision making training, negotiation training, supplier relationship management, leadership training…………

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