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We can provide direct support in any area related to human behaviour. Human behavioural science is often applied to business in the following three areas:

Behavioural Safety – Over the years the evolution of safety management has brought about significant reductions in accident rates. Initial efforts focussed on engineering controls, making automated process and equipment safer for operators. This was followed by the introduction of more in depth risk assessments and task based safety ensuring a safe system of works is established. Despite these efforts accidents are still occurring. A focus on behavioural safety management complements existing safety measures and focusses on this residual accident causal factors. BITS can help you to find the right fit for your business. You may be ready for your own behavioural safety program or you may just want some educational sessions, we can tailor a solution to fit around you. If you have a behavioural safety program up and running, we can help maintain momentum or refresh your program. We can also provide a health check or cultural survey at any point in your safety development.

Behavioural Quality – Increasingly organisations who have seen the benefits of applying behavioural science to Health and Safety management are recognising that this discipline can be equally successful in improving quality. Be it quality of service provision, maintenance or production, a focus on human behaviour can reduce mistakes and improve the quality of your output. Safety, Productivity and Quality are complementary areas of business, improvements in one area benefits the others.
A focus on behaviour and behavioural causes of errors and violations can enable you to identify the true cause of quality issues and prevent them occurring again.

Behavioural Leadership – The leaders in your business set the tone and culture for the entire organisation. By establishing a leadership team who focus on human behaviour you can positively impact the performance of everyone in your organisation. So often leaders can underestimate the impact of their behaviour or fail to spot when they are slipping into classic human behavioural traps that can have a damaging effect on the team. By enhancing understanding of human behaviour, you can dramatically improve the performance of your leadership team. BITS can provide workshops, training and practical support to help optimise your leaders and your entire team.

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