A Friday Thought on Empathy

Always right?  Try the alternate view. Do you ever feel like you are fighting an uphill battle?  You know the way forward but no one seems to be prepared to see things from your point of view?  We have all been there from time to time.  But what if this is a constant frustration?  What Read more about A Friday Thought on Empathy[…]

A Friday thought on opinions.

Opinions rarely  advance humanity, facts and action are what drive us forward. In another week with a high profile drink driving case, the internet and printed media is awash with opinions about Ant McPartlin.  Many have criticised his choices, many have suggested he has got off lightly (even though he has been charged) because of Read more about A Friday thought on opinions.[…]

A Friday thought on prioritisation.

What does letting go of the soft stuff really mean? Here at BITS we are delighted to be busy.  So busy that we haven’t posted a Friday thought for weeks.  What does this mean though, really? Does it matter?  In the main, yes it does.  Jeremy Clarkson is a man I usually find amusing, but Read more about A Friday thought on prioritisation.[…]