Happy New Year from BITS

Happy New Year from Behavioural Insights Team Solutions!! 2018 was an exciting year for BITS ltd.  We have helped people in industries from power generation to food manufacture and worked with organisations from gearbox manufacturers to children’s charities.  We have helped almost 100 companies in the construction industry to work safer and trained over 1,000 Read more about Happy New Year from BITS[…]

A Friday thought on the Black Box

Not only are they not a 1990’s Italian house music band, they are not even black! Air crash investigations often hang on the outcome of a review of the black box recorder.  Unlike any other industry, the air travel industry actual invest in incident investigation before any accident has occurred.  The black box device is Read more about A Friday thought on the Black Box[…]

A Friday thought on drinking

Raising a glass may well help you relax, raising a few may effect your career and immediate safety. Many of us like a drink on a Friday, however, what about the next day?  What is the effect of that drink and how might a midweek drink effect our work?  You may have read, in the news, Read more about A Friday thought on drinking[…]

A Friday thought on risk

Last week there was a tragic story in the media about a lady who was killed during a visit to the beach as a result of holding onto an airport fence.  The incident happened at the famous Princess Juliana International Airport, which is just metres from the sea, on Sint Maarten.  The beach is famous Read more about A Friday thought on risk[…]

Broken Windows

The broken windows theory originated in criminology.  It was based on the norm-setting and signalling effect of urban disorder and vandalism on additional crime and anti-social behaviour.  So in other words, if minor crimes are seen as being allowable, this sets a new norm.  With this baseline set, the leap to more significant crimes is not Read more about Broken Windows[…]