A Friday thought on leadership strength.

Everyone wants a strong leader, but what does a strong one look like? What constitutes a strong leader?  Is it an ability to steadfastly stick to your view when all around you are telling you that you are wrong.  Is it making tough decisions even when they have a negative impact on your people?  Is Read more about A Friday thought on leadership strength.[…]

A Friday thought on positive news

A personal thought on positive safety improvements. In order to produce the posts for this website, it is necessary to review safety incident reports, watch documentaries on disasters, read reports from the Federal Aviation Authority and study many more sources of relevant information.  Often, my wife and family will ask, “why do you watch this?  Read more about A Friday thought on positive news[…]

A Friday Thought on Rushing

You would never ask anyone to rush, yet your team might think you request it all the time. I don’t think anyone would think that rushing a task or cutting corners would help achieve a safe, quality job.  However, in almost every accident that I have investigated, a sense of duty to perform the job Read more about A Friday Thought on Rushing[…]