A Friday thought on motivation

Just looking at it and talking about it will bring improvements. In many of our articles we give advice on a behavioural improvement, then say something along the lines of, the fact that you are looking at it and talking about it will bring improvements.  Maybe you have read this comment and thought, isn’t that a cop Read more about A Friday thought on motivation[…]

A Friday thought on BIRGing

They played awful today, but I think we’re still going to win the cup! Have you ever noticed how supporters walking from a football match associate or dissociate themselves from their team?  Maybe you haven’t, they probably don’t even notice them doing it themselves, as it is totally natural for all of us.  If you Read more about A Friday thought on BIRGing[…]

The importance of team-building.

Teams that play together, stay together.  Never underestimate the importance of team building and social events. So many leaders see team building and social events as a treat for their staff rather than an important component of improving team performance.  In actuality, providing opportunities for your team members to spend time together in a social Read more about The importance of team-building.[…]