A Friday thought on punishment

I accept what you are saying, but I still want to discipline people for doing things wrong. One of the most common areas for resistance in behavioural science is the concept of positive recognition for desired behaviours.  When presented with the scientific evidence that you get more with the carrot than you do with the Read more about A Friday thought on punishment[…]

Happy New Year from BITS

Happy New Year from Behavioural Insights Team Solutions!! 2018 was an exciting year for BITS ltd.  We have helped people in industries from power generation to food manufacture and worked with organisations from gearbox manufacturers to children’s charities.  We have helped almost 100 companies in the construction industry to work safer and trained over 1,000 Read more about Happy New Year from BITS[…]

An energetic future!

I have had a great couple of days chairing the O&M and Lifecycle Management Strategies for CCGT Power Plants Conference in Birmingham. Given the decarbonisation of electricity generation, we all know that the days of gas fired power plants are numbered.  No-one is certain what that number is, but they do not feature in any long Read more about An energetic future![…]

A Friday thought on motivation

Just looking at it and talking about it will bring improvements. In many of our articles we give advice on a behavioural improvement, then say something along the lines of, the fact that you are looking at it and talking about it will bring improvements.  Maybe you have read this comment and thought, isn’t that a cop Read more about A Friday thought on motivation[…]

What’s going on with eyebrows these days?

If, like me, you are little perplexed by people who prod, poke and distort their bodies rather than settle for what the Divine Potter gave them, you will have noticed that eyebrows seem to be a major area of focus these days.  Some people remove them then paint McDonald’s like arches on their foreheads, others Read more about What’s going on with eyebrows these days?[…]

Nelson was right, he saw no ships.

At the risk of an accusation of pedantry, an accusation regularly thrown my way, I can confidently state that regardless of which eye he used, Nelson definitely saw no ships at the battle of Copenhagen.  What he may have seen is the light reflected from the surface of the ships. Our perception of the world Read more about Nelson was right, he saw no ships.[…]

A Friday thought

How many times have you said, “I’m going to kick off in a minute!”? Think about when you might have said or felt this. It is usually when you are dissatisfied with someone’s performance and you would like it to change. Now think back to a situation where someone has shouted at you, maybe they Read more about A Friday thought[…]