A Friday thought on circadian rhythms.

Maybe now is the time for change, unless you are reading this at night…… On April 28th 1988 the passengers on Aloha Airlines Flight 243 had what can only be described as a horrendous and terrifying experience on their short flight from Hilo to Honolulu.  The plane was a Boeing 737, and was at the Read more about A Friday thought on circadian rhythms.[…]

A Friday thought on risk

Last week there was a tragic story in the media about a lady who was killed during a visit to the beach as a result of holding onto an airport fence.  The incident happened at the famous Princess Juliana International Airport, which is just metres from the sea, on Sint Maarten.  The beach is famous Read more about A Friday thought on risk[…]

A Friday thought on BIRGing

They played awful today, but I think we’re still going to win the cup! Have you ever noticed how supporters walking from a football match associate or dissociate themselves from their team?  Maybe you haven’t, they probably don’t even notice them doing it themselves, as it is totally natural for all of us.  If you Read more about A Friday thought on BIRGing[…]

A Friday Thought on Communication

You may not play poker, but you probably have a tell. When I tell people that I graduated in psychology, I am invariably met with the question “Oh no! Are you reading my body language?”. So there is a general awareness that non-verbal communication is a component of the behavioural sciences.  However, you do not Read more about A Friday Thought on Communication[…]