A Friday thought on perceptions.

Seeing is believing. What we see is what we believe, it is perhaps our most powerful and trusted sense.  How many of you would consider bidding on a car on EBay with no photos?  Even if the write up was authenticated by Jeremy Clarkson himself, you would most probably want to see it first. We Read more about A Friday thought on perceptions.[…]

A Friday Thought on Communication

You may not play poker, but you probably have a tell. When I tell people that I graduated in psychology, I am invariably met with the question “Oh no! Are you reading my body language?”. So there is a general awareness that non-verbal communication is a component of the behavioural sciences.  However, you do not Read more about A Friday Thought on Communication[…]

Nelson was right, he saw no ships.

At the risk of an accusation of pedantry, an accusation regularly thrown my way, I can confidently state that regardless of which eye he used, Nelson definitely saw no ships at the battle of Copenhagen.  What he may have seen is the light reflected from the surface of the ships. Our perception of the world Read more about Nelson was right, he saw no ships.[…]