A Friday thought on the Black Box

Not only are they not a 1990’s Italian house music band, they are not even black! Air crash investigations often hang on the outcome of a review of the black box recorder.  Unlike any other industry, the air travel industry actual invest in incident investigation before any accident has occurred.  The black box device is Read more about A Friday thought on the Black Box[…]

A Friday thought on drinking

Raising a glass may well help you relax, raising a few may effect your career and immediate safety. Many of us like a drink on a Friday, however, what about the next day?  What is the effect of that drink and how might a midweek drink effect our work?  You may have read, in the news, Read more about A Friday thought on drinking[…]

A Friday thought on accidents

If we are so inherently safe, why do we have accidents? I was recently at a festival.  It was a family friendly festival, where middle aged adults brought their children to have fun and enjoy live music at night and family friendly activities during the day.  At the festival was an old-school funfair.  The fair Read more about A Friday thought on accidents[…]

A Friday thought on circadian rhythms.

Maybe now is the time for change, unless you are reading this at night…… On April 28th 1988 the passengers on Aloha Airlines Flight 243 had what can only be described as a horrendous and terrifying experience on their short flight from Hilo to Honolulu.  The plane was a Boeing 737, and was at the Read more about A Friday thought on circadian rhythms.[…]