A Friday thought on accidents

If we are so inherently safe, why do we have accidents? I was recently at a festival.  It was a family friendly festival, where middle aged adults brought their children to have fun and enjoy live music at night and family friendly activities during the day.  At the festival was an old-school funfair.  The fair Read more about A Friday thought on accidents[…]

A Friday Thought on Behavioural Safety

Ultimately almost everything comes down to behaviour. When I studied for my Psychology degree many years ago,  I reached the conclusion that pretty much everything ultimately came down to behaviour.  If you have an earthquake and a building collapses, you could blame the earthquake.  But in reality, a human designed a building that couldn’t withstand Read more about A Friday Thought on Behavioural Safety[…]

People do as they are told, right?

The truth is, our behaviour is based more on our learning from experience than following instruction.  However, if a rule is written to keep us safe, or an instruction is given that will make our company more profitable, why wouldn’t we follow it? Until 1983, it was not a legal requirement to wear a seatbelt in your car Read more about People do as they are told, right?[…]