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It is Friday again and time for another Friday thought from BITS.  Our Friday thoughts are our way of shining a little light on the important bits of business that are often overlooked.  So frequently in our working lives we get so focussed on the day-to-day requirements of the job, that we overlook the important bits, the development of people bits that really matter.

As we approach the end of year, it is time to reflect on some of these bits.  Here at BITS we are well into our first year of promoting behavioural science in the workplace.  It is great to see so much interest in the subject and so many people who recognise the advantages of good people management.  After all, our people are the most important bit.

With this thought in mind, from now until Christmas we will be reposting some of our most popular articles, our best BITS.  This will give those who have missed them, an opportunity to allow them into their consciousness and those who enjoyed them last time, an opportunity to recap.

Please share your thoughts and use the comments section on social media or this website to get some discussions going.  Whether you agree with the concepts or not, let us and others know your views.  It is through discussion and experience sharing that we all improve.  Who knows, if we get some good ones we might assemble them in a Dave Gorman style found poem!

As always, if any concept grabs you, get in touch.  We are pretty laid back here at BITS and love chatting about the concepts and ideas that we share.

You can contact us by email at  BITS@bits-team.com or by phone on 07884 117 810.


We are starting with our first ever article, which can be found here!

A Friday thought


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