A Friday Thought on Rushing

You would never ask anyone to rush, yet your team might think you request it all the time. I don’t think anyone would think that rushing a task or cutting corners would help achieve a safe, quality job.  However, in almost every accident that I have investigated, a sense of duty to perform the job Read more about A Friday Thought on Rushing[…]

A Friday thought on Positive Productivity

Your maximum output is my minimum expectation! This week BITS have delivered a number of behavioural workshops to varying audiences from different backgrounds, different in terms of industry and culture.  When exposed to the science of human behaviour and positive consequence management to influence behaviour, everyone understood and accepted this science.  However, under questioning after Read more about A Friday thought on Positive Productivity[…]

A Friday Thought on Business

Good safety is good business. The motive force behind capitalism is the pursuit of profits.  This is what drives businesses to do what they do.  At a conference yesterday, a very bright and successful man, who runs an aluminium smelter in Dubai, said that he tells his team “we are not in the business of Read more about A Friday Thought on Business[…]