A Friday thought on a Sunday

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today! As I type my Friday thought on a Sunday afternoon I am given to thinking about procrastination.  The thief of time it is often said.  In the main I would agree.  So many times we waste time, miss opportunities or lose efficiencies by simply not Read more about A Friday thought on a Sunday[…]

A Friday Holiday Thought

Sometimes you have to climb above your destination to walk back down to it. Today my family and I walked the fabulous Hall Walk from Polruan to Bodinnick.  This is an amazing walk, that offers the most tremendous views of Fowey, Polruan and Readymoney Cove.  The walk is so famed for it’s marvellous views that Read more about A Friday Holiday Thought[…]

Nelson was right, he saw no ships.

At the risk of an accusation of pedantry, an accusation regularly thrown my way, I can confidently state that regardless of which eye he used, Nelson definitely saw no ships at the battle of Copenhagen.  What he may have seen is the light reflected from the surface of the ships. Our perception of the world Read more about Nelson was right, he saw no ships.[…]

People do as they are told, right?

The truth is, our behaviour is based more on our learning from experience than following instruction.  However, if a rule is written to keep us safe, or an instruction is given that will make our company more profitable, why wouldn’t we follow it? Until 1983, it was not a legal requirement to wear a seatbelt in your car Read more about People do as they are told, right?[…]

A Friday thought

How many times have you said, “I’m going to kick off in a minute!”? Think about when you might have said or felt this. It is usually when you are dissatisfied with someone’s performance and you would like it to change. Now think back to a situation where someone has shouted at you, maybe they Read more about A Friday thought[…]